About Us

You could say our adventure officially began when we both left our jobs. Or you could say it began when we decided to make the big move to New Zealand. Either way, we believe our trip started when our plans finally kicked into action. For months, we knew what we were going to do: drive home to Tennessee, come back to New York, go to LA and then finally go through Fiji (for only around five hours, unfortunately) to New Zealand. But talking and doing are two very different things.

Now we are in the doing portion of our journeys, and we’ve now seen and done some of the most wonderful things imaginable – things we could only dream of before. We’ve rafted into caves with glowworms in Waitomo, hiked around Mt. Doom from LOTR, swam with dolphins in Akaroa, toured wineries in both Martinborough and Marlborough, cruised through the Milford Sound, and much, much more. We’ve gone around the country and lived a full year in New Zealand, but our trip is far from over.

Laurel is now living with her fiance in sunny LA and Jennifer is settling back into life in Tennessee. It’s unclear where we’ll be next… but surely it’ll be somewhere fantastic.

Make sure to check back for updates and check out our flickr page here.

L & J (better than PB & J since 2007)

BTW, if you’re curious (and we know you are), that totally rad header was made by the ingenious Davis Cox, a good friend and fantastic photographer. Check out his Flickr page too.


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