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Many times, in particularly awful fits of boredom, I’ve googled and googled until I could find an episode of my favorite television shows. I’ve stumbled across some particularly sketchy looking sites, which ran risk of downloading a virus on my computer. I’ve watched clips with Japanese subtitles, hoping they would go away eventually. Nevertheless, I kept searching, and every time I was successful, I sat for 21 minutes in nothing but pure glee as Amy, Tina or Jon graced my computer screen.

I can’t help it. I love television. I know it’s pathetic. Or even perhaps even dumb, but there is some amazing writing out there right now and unfortunately being in New Zealand, I’m missing all of it. They are almost caught up to How I Met Your Mother and I refuse to miss Happy Endings and Bob’s Burgers, but those don’t even come close to Parks & Rec and 30 Rock.  I’ve even watched a few episodes of shows out of order and completely out of context (is that just overly desperate?). I can’t wait to get back and have Hulu at my fingertips!

I miss you, Amy!

And as for movies, NZ has some wonderful cinemas. Some of the best I have ever been to, in fact (until Laurel and I go to this gem on our way home, of course). And they aren’t too far behind on movies either – especially not blockbusters. If we want to see an “indie” movie, we have to wait a bit longer. And obviously, I was really spoiled by New York’s awesome indie movie scene so patience isn’t as much of a virtue as it should be.

And of course, I miss Netflix. We did take advantage of a daily deal for a smaller NZ-type Netflix called Fatso, but after the trial run it was much too expensive for what it was. And now I suppose Netflix doesn’t exist in its original form any more.

Wellington City Libraries have been my only saving grace here – amazing selection of movies and television at reasonable prices. And I know – even just saying library I have to point out that I should have been spending more time reading books than trying to find people acting out books! Don’t worry – I tried. – Jennifer


About Jennifer Holder

I like to dance, laugh and draw things on MS Paint. My life is basically TN -> NY -> NZ -> TN -> ??
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