NOM: Biscuits

Growing up, I didn’t know that other parts of the country didn’t eat biscuits. I was even more dumbfounded to find out that in other parts of the world the word biscuit means something else entirely. When I moved to New York, I almost had to say goodbye to American style biscuits entirely. One of the only places that had them (along with sweet tea) was McDonalds. And to be truthful, I did go to McDonalds whenever I had a hankering. And also because I don’t respect my body.

Either way, here in NZ (and in other UK places), biscuits are what we’d call hard-as-rock cookies in the States. Every time I reference American-style biscuits, I confuse and befuddle people here. In my attempts to explain, I’ve been trying to make biscuits, but I can’t seem to get the recipe of biscuits down and they end up coming out like scones (which is something everyone can relate to here). I can’t wait to go to a traditional Southern cafeteria when I get back to Tennessee. Did someone say Kleervu?

By the same token, I’m going to miss the entire aisle of biscuits here. Especially afghan biscuits, because they’re pretty much the best things in the world. They’re a traditional chocolate cookie with cornflakes in the recipe. And they’re AMAZING.

Maybe I’ll attempt them when I get back to the States, but like my Southern-style biscuit attempts, I’m not expecting much. – Jennifer


About Jennifer Holder

I like to dance, laugh and draw things on MS Paint. My life is basically TN -> NY -> NZ -> TN -> ??
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