FML: Politics

BTW: I don’t know enough about politics to actually write a post about it, but I have to since it’s definitely not something I’m looking forward to.

So, there’s a PM election coming up here before the end of the year. The buzz surrounding it only just started. There’s also a presidential election coming up in the States in one year. The buzz surrounding that started quite a while ago.

Besides my overall worry that the world is going down the crapper, I don’t really care about politics. At least, not enough to focus on them more than a year before they even have a chance to change. Also, considering USA’s voting system is set up in a way that makes absolutely no sense – in that my vote doesn’t actually count, what’s the point?

Obama holding a doggy - how cute!

Although admittedly I would tend to lean more Democrat, I’m more of a social issues person rather than a “No, MY party is right!” person. Defining yourself by a party is just boring, especially when the overall goal should be making the country a better place to live, not proving that you have bigger balls. I really do wish that someone would work together, just once. There’s a greater good out there and everyone seems to be missing it. Actually, that’s probably the problem – everyone’s opinion of the ‘greater good’ is completely different.

I don’t necessarily like the way that NZ handles their politics, but the people here, overall, seem happier. It might have something to do with the Kiwi vibe of “It’s all good, bro.” They care, but they don’t seem to let anything get them down. Granted, I’ve been working for local government for about five months, so perhaps I have a skewed version of central government.

I will say that although I’m not looking forward to dealing with smear campaigns and political debates, I am excited to see something happen. Here, I haven’t really seen anything besides a few posters that say to “Party vote” National (which I disagree with, as above). Also, I’m not a huge fan of ole John Key. I don’t know much about him, unfortunately, but judging by what he’s quoted as saying, I am just not sure he’s all there. –Jennifer

And, just for good measure:


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