NOM: Pies

The first time I ever had a meat pie (besides chicken pot pie) was at an Australian restaurant in the Lower East Side. It was… a game changer and definitely not something I wanted on a regular basis. Something about a massive amount of meat in one concentrated area just grossed me out.

Here in NZ (like Australia), they’re really popular. I’ve given them a go a couple of more times, and as I write this, I’m starting realise that I actually really enjoy them.  I’m still not big on the steak and gravy ones, but my coworkers introduced me to the potato top pie. A mince (ground beef for the Americans) pie with potatoes on it? Yeah, I’m addicted.

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The best pies are at this little place called Art Craft bakery near Civic Square in Wellington. I’m saying this with very limited experience (as in I rarely go anywhere else).

Besides potato top, I’m big on the bacon and egg and any vegetable ones that places have. Meow in Wellington is another good place to go for pies, and they have a lot of gluten free options.  The only place I enjoyed a steak and cheese pie was after surfing one day in Lyall Bay from a little pie shop on the main strip. It honestly could have been because I was starving, but I really enjoyed it. I haven’t found one that I enjoy since.

I think that deep down I’m going to miss meat pies. They’re just so applicable sometimes. Like when you’re hungover. Or bored at work. Or hungry…  –Jennifer


About Jennifer Holder

I like to dance, laugh and draw things on MS Paint. My life is basically TN -> NY -> NZ -> TN -> ??
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1 Response to NOM: Pies

  1. LJB says:

    The one with the mashed potatoes on top sounds like Shepherd’s Pie. I think you’ll be able to find that here in the states. Pubs, Irish bars, etc.

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