Memory joggers

As you know, Laurel and I are avid blog attempters. We tried really hard to occasionally blog about eating food (since we’re so damn good at it). And then when we decided that since we were moving somewhere awesome, we would blog about that too. And although we were somewhat successful (for about, um, two months), our blog attempts have fallen by the wayside again.

So, I’m going to post every day for the first week of October about things that I’m either going to miss about New Zealand or am looking forward to going back to. Or, of course, things I won’t miss or am not looking forward to. These won’t be amazing blog posts that one day will be turned into a book. Pretty sure that only about six people will ever read these. But if anything, these posts will simply help me remember that year of my life when I lived far, far away.

I’m hoping that as soon as we get back we can continue to reflect on our time here (and post more awesome pictures). However, I hope this short reflection will appease you until then. – Jennifer


About Jennifer Holder

I like to dance, laugh and draw things on MS Paint. My life is basically TN -> NY -> NZ -> TN -> ??
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