KEWL: Kaikoura

Kaikoura was our first real stop on the South Island, and it was a beautiful introduction to the sights of the South Island. 180kms north of Christchurch, it’s a small peninsula that attracts ocean wildlife and is just plain picturesque.

We had one day in Kaikoura, so we opted to do the coastline walk and see the whole thing by foot. The walk starts at the iSite where you can leave your car, and follows along the black pebbly beaches over to a busy seal colony before climbing up along the coast into pasture with some spectacular views. You gradually make your way back down along the other side of the peninsula before cutting over and closing the loop.


It was a nice few hour hike, with moderate ups and downs, and very well maintained. It was a beautiful, peaceful day, and we ended it by hanging out on the beach. There’s also dolphins here, and although we didn’t see any that day, we have friends that recently swam with about 300 of them here. Check out that there peninsular.  -Laurel


About Laurel

Born and raised in Tennessee, with stints in Boston, Brooklyn, New Zealand and now Los Angeles, my constant has always been cooking. I focus on seasonal and simple, thoughtful preparation.
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One Response to KEWL: Kaikoura

  1. Vicki Randolph says:

    I try once a week to check out your blog and get caught up. I am enjoying it so much – your pictures are spectacular! I am even more interested lately as I have made the decision to come to New Zealand in October.

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