NOM: Ernesto

Wellington and I immediately bonded over our mutual love of something truly great: breakfast. They serve it in virtually every cafe here (and there are lots of cafes), and they serve it every day, all day long. Now That‘s what I’m talking about.

Ernesto, located on trendy Cuba Street, is no exception. We stopped for brunch, but once the sun sets, they serve dinner and drinks as well. The menu is Cuban slanted (as it is at many places in Wellington), with traditional breakfast options with nice twists and some pro baristas. Per our usual arrangement, we ordered some sweet, something savory, and split it down the middle.

Our savory item was a breakfast burrito filled with scrambled eggs, black bean chili and topped with salsa and sour cream. It was a nice size portion with nice flavors, but a little watery and needed a kick. The salsa was the highlight, and luckily there was plenty of it. Our sweet pick was the brioche french toast with apple and rhubarb compote, cream and granola sprinkled over top. The slice of brioche was nice and big and fluffy, and a bite with equal bits of brioche, fruit and cream was a nice sweet balance. It all needed to be a little warmer, and the apples weren’t quite tender enough, but it was still overall delicious.

The prices are directly in line with restaurants of it’s level in Wellington, and they seemed fair to us. The atmosphere is nice and homey, and the service was friendly enough, with some especially delicious coffee from that day’s barista. We’d recommend it as a nice place to pass away a late morning, and we’ll be back to try out the rest of their menu once the returns from our ponzi scheme start rolling in. Next on BRB NYC: how to pwn kiwis, and where 2 eat w ur $$$  -Laurel


About Laurel

Born and raised in Tennessee, with stints in Boston, Brooklyn, New Zealand and now Los Angeles, my constant has always been cooking. I focus on seasonal and simple, thoughtful preparation.
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