KEWL: Devonport

On an especially warm and sunny day, we walked down to the harbor and caught a ferry to Devonport. The harbourside suburb sits on the tip of a peninsula, and a very short ferry ride later, you’re parked in the wharf and steps from beaches, cafes, and historic military sites.


The town boasts sweet homes and trim lawns, like a variety of less cutesy dollhouses all lined up. Being a peninsula, there is water-a-plenty, but nice beaches as well. Take a towel and walk along the east coast and try out a few choice spots overlooking Rangitoto. Continue on (at a leisurely pace) to the historic military sites, and walk up to the embankments for some lightly creepy tunnels and stunning views. 

Auckland viewed from Devonport

It’s a definite contrast to Auckland, and a worthy day trip and escape from the city. And, quite honestly, the pictures speak for themselves– more available here and here.  -Laurel

View of Rangitoto from Devonport beach


About Laurel

Born and raised in Tennessee, with stints in Boston, Brooklyn, New Zealand and now Los Angeles, my constant has always been cooking. I focus on seasonal and simple, thoughtful preparation.
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